Alcohol and dorm room damages are part of a “hidden college costs” list. Student loan interest? Not so much. [Student Loan Network]

Pell grants on the chopping block in Congress. Your $5,500 grant just became a loan! [Kansas City Star]

What colleges offer the best return on investment? Hint: the top 18 are all public. The 19th? Princeton. My alma mater? Not on the list. [SmartMoney]

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals court reinstates False Claims Act lawsuit against Corinthian Colleges. [Inside Higher Ed]

Go to a public university in a fly-over state they said. Can’t be that expensive, right? Wrong. []

Remember when Villanova Law revealed that they juiced their LSAT and GPA scores? The ABA has come down hard: a public censure! How many law schools are planning to do the same now that they know the consequences? [Above the Law]

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