It’s not morning here, but it’s morning somewhere.

Out-of-state University of California, Berkeley student marries in-stater to save $50,000 in tuition. “The couple divorced this past summer, having met face-to-face only three times.” [Bay Citizen]

Following up on our post on Villanova Law’s fudged admissions stats, the ABA reports that the school lied about its LSAT and GPA scores. [ABA Journal]

If someone told you that barbers made $150,000 to $250,000, would you believe them? Some of the lies that for profit colleges like Corinthian tell their students are truly astonishing. [L.A. Times]

An interview with Alan Nasser, co-author of the book The Student Loan Debt Bubble. [Infoshop News]

Fact check says it’s inaccurate to say congressional staffers don’t have to pay their student loans back. (They just get a whole lot of help from the federal government.) [Florida Times-Union]

Fourth-tier toilet Oklahoma City University School of Law leaves its students in over $100,000 of debt. [Third Tier Reality]

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