State of the Union? Not so good for a college grad in Scranton working in retail, struggling to make student loan payments. (Article includes bonus–old person whining about Social Security!) [Scranton Times-Tribune]

Is the Canadian law school system the model for America? Twenty law schools sounds good to me. Also, you can specialize in ice trucker law. [McGill Tribune]

Steven Eisman, an investor who made millions on the subprime meltdown, is feeling bearish on for-profit colleges. [WSJ]

Student loan defaults are on the rise. (How can defaults be so high with deferment and forbearance options? Oh, wait, the job market is that bad.) [Fox Business]

For-profit colleges can’t stand new “gainful employment” rule. Students, if you’ve ever wondered if you’re getting suckered, here’s proof. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

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