Happy Valentines Day! Even if you’re spending today alone, know that your lenders will never forget you.

President Obama’s budget proposal seeks the elimination of “year-round” Pell Grants and subsidized loans for grad students. Republicans overheard clinking champagne glasses. [MSNBC]

Ok, Republicans, settle down. President Obama’s cuts to education could affect your precious for-profit schools. [Bloomberg]

Growth in government subsidies corresponds to a growth in tuition. [Center for College Affordability and Productivity]

There’s a more direct way to happiness than spending money on an advanced degree: spending it on things that make you happy. [Tales of the Fourth-Tier Nothing]

Career services at Georgetown University Law Center (which is the actual name of a law school) is cold-emailing employers seeking legal and non-legal jobs. I guess you could say things are bad. [But I Did Everything Right!]

Dude sold pot to pay student loans. Duuuude. [Winona Daily News]

A lawyer finds a non-law job paying mid $40s. And there was much rejoicing. [Esq. Never]

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